What is a Capital Budget? 

The Capital Budget indicates the funds that will be required for first year and multi-year projects of the 10 year capital plan. It is how the municipality pays for projects such as reconstructing streets, building and improving public facilities such as recreation facilities, community centres, parks and firehalls; dealing with growth pressures such as new initiatives. These costs are similar to budgeting for an addition to your home this year.

What is a Capital Plan? 

The Capital Plan is municipal investment plan for the next 5 years, with inclusion of items expected to be required over that time. This is similar to one might plan to purchase a new vehicle in two years or start home renovations in three years. Long term planning allows the Village to tailor projects to the changing needs of the community and manage finances. 

What is an Operating Budget?

The annual Operating Budget shows the day to day costs of delivering programs and services. The Operating Budget maintains the services, programs and infrastructure that supports the nearly 220 residents through out our community. 

Strategic Plan

The 2023 Strategic Plan is citizen-focused and will promote sustainable development and active lifestyles. The Strategic Plan has 5 guiding principles, as listed below. To work towards these principles, the Village continues to invest in the community as the projects are prioritized in the Capital Budget.

 The 2023 Strategic and Tactical Plan has not been formally approved. Quarterly Updates will also be posted HERE upon final approval. 


"Innisfree, a progressive community supported by local partnerships - committed to better living."

Guiding Principles:

1. TRUST is our mutual goal.
2. EFFICIENCY is the best use of our resources.
3. COLLABORATION is working together for a common goal.
4. INTEGRITY is acting with honesty.


"Innisfree is a safe and healthy place to establish roots, promotes sustainable development and active lifestyles."

2023 Budget and 2024-2027 Budget Forecast, 5 Year Capital Plan, 2022 Capital Budget and 10-30 Year Infrastructure/Capital Plan

The Village of Innisfree 2023 Budget & 2024-2025 Forecasts and the 2023 Capital Budget will focus on sustainability, maintaining the long-term vision for the community and the needs and expectations of the residents. The focus is and continues to be, providing quality services and facilities for the Village residents. 

The Village recognizes the importance of sustainability, and the citizens desire for fair and reasonable tax rates to support the Village.