CMHA - Alberta Brain Injury Network

Alberta Brain Injury Network

The Canadian Mental Health Association introduces the Alberta Brain Injury Network.

The Association serves clients through the Alberta Brain Injury Network in Central Alberta.  

To access the program an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Have sustained a brain injury
  • Be 18 or older
  • Live independently (meaning they do not live in a staffed facility)

When sending a referral, attached medical proof of brain injury is appreciated, but is not necessary.  After receiving a referral, the Association will connect with the client and complete an intake and a needs assessment.

The program is client focused and strengths-based.  As Service Coordinators, they will assess needs, connect individuals to appropriate resources; which often include Income Supports, Mental Health Supports, In Home Supports, and assist individuals in navigating these processes.  The goal is to increase independence, to that end, they offer a Supports for Community Living Program assisting clients with life skills and rehab goals.  This program offers dedicated client hours to work toward specific goals; that can include bus training, cooking, or implementing compensatory strategies as well as affective supports.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CMHA - Central Alberta Region office with any questions:

Phone: 1-403-342-2266

Fax:     1-403-342-5684




Alberta Brain Injury Network - Referral Form

The ALBERTA BRAIN INJURY NETWORK provides a Referral Form that individuals may utilize to apply for services from the Network.

Check for the printed form HERE