Innisfree Birch Lake Campground/Recreation Park:

Reservations for the 2022 Camping Season opened on May 1, 2022.

(*Phone-In reservations opened May 2, 2022)- Rec Office: (780) 592-2414.

The Innisfree Birch Lake Campground/Recreation Park opened on the May Long Weekend.

The Concession is available at the Registration Office.

Firewood bundles are available for sale at the Registration Office.



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Birch Lake Campground/Recreation Park opening dates are subject to any applicable COVID-19 Rules and Regulations. For more information regarding COVID-19, please follow this link: 

Endangered Piping Plover @ Birch Lake!

The Piping Plover is globally threatened and endangered; it is uncommon and local within its range, and has been listed by the United States as "endangered" in the Great Lakes region and "threatened" in the remainder of its breeding range.

The Piping Plover has been identified at Birch Lake. Birdwatchers are most welcome to come out and watch for this endangered species!

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