Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program allows eligible senior homeowners to voluntarily defer all or part of their residential property taxes, including the education tax portion. This is done through a low-interest home equity loan with the Government of Alberta.

If you qualify, Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program will pay your residential property taxes directly to your municipality on your behalf.

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program factsheet is available with information on eligibility and how to apply.


Eligibility is not based on your income.

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • be 65 years of age, or older (only one spouse/partner needs to be at least 65)
  • be an Alberta resident, having lived in the province for at least 3 months
  • own a residential property in Alberta and the home must be your primary residence (the place where you live most of the time)
  • have a minimum of 25% equity in your home to allow the government to secure the loan and ensure repayment when the loan is due

Property eligibility

Only residential properties are eligible for the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program.

The following will also be considered:

  • mobile and manufactured homes on residential property owned by the senior
  • residential portions of farmland and
  • residential portions of commercial property

If there are outstanding municipal property tax amounts owed from previous years, you can still apply for a loan, as long as you have a minimum of 25% equity in your home.

For full eligibility details, read the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program Information Guide, Loan Application and Agreement

How to apply

You can apply at any time of the year.

However, you must apply at least 30 days before the municipal property tax deadline (usually June 30th of each year) to avoid penalties and allow enough time for the application to be processed and for the tax payment to be made on your behalf to your municipality.

For example, if the municipal property taxes are due on June 30, Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program staff should receive the application at least by May 31.

You will be responsible for any late charges incurred by missing your municipal property tax deadline.

You may choose to pay those late charges directly to your municipality or add them to the dollar amount of your loan application.

You can defer your taxes for up to 10 years without having to submit an application each year.

Step 1. Review the information guide

Review the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program Information Guide, Loan Application and Agreement.


Step 2. Complete the application

Complete and sign the Loan Application and Agreement

Include a copy of your municipal property tax bill for the year you are applying for.

Step 3. Submit application

Original signatures are required to accept an application. You must mail your completed and signed application to the address below:

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program
PO Box 1200 STN Main
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 2M4

You may submit supporting documents, such as your property tax bill, by mail or online using the link.

Note: The Government of Alberta reserves the right to deny an application for any reason at its sole discretion.


Loan repayment

Monthly repayments are not required. You can choose to repay all or part of the deferred taxes and interest at any time without penalty, but it will automatically become fully due when:

  • you sell your home
  • you are no longer a registered owner, or
  • the home is no longer your primary residence

Payments toward the loan will apply to the interest first.

Once the loan is repaid in full, the caveat will be discharged from the land title certificate.

Please select one of the following options to repay all or part of your loan:

Option 1: Repay your loan online through your financial institution’s bill payment function, if you bank with:

  • Alberta Treasury Branch
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotia Bank
  • Servus Credit Union
  • TD Canada Trust

Follow the steps below to get setup:

  • Log into your online personal banking
  • Navigate to your pay bills section
  • To Add Payee enter “SPTDP Loan Pmt”
  • Enter your SPTDP Account Number located on your loan statement or approval letter.

Once completed, you may make online payment(s) towards the balance of your loan.

Option 2: Provide a cheque or money order payable to the Government of Alberta, write your Personal Health Number on the cheque and mail it to:

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program
PO Box 1200 STN Main
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 2M4

To determine the outstanding balance owed on your loan, contact the Alberta Supports Contact Centre. Staff will ensure that a program specialist contacts you directly and prepares a payout statement for your reference.

Program updates

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program previously partnered with Alberta Treasury Branches to administer approved loans. As of April 1, 2018, the Government of Alberta will administer the program. If you have any questions about your loan, call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre toll-free at 1-877-644-9992.


When an applicant who has a Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program loan passes away, the full amount of the loan and any interest will become due. However, existing loans and eligibility to apply for future loans may continue for a surviving spouse/partner if the spouse/partner:

  • is 55 years of age or older
  • is a registered owner of the primary residence
  • lived in the primary residence before their spouse/partner passed away
  • continues to live in the primary residence

Connect with the Alberta Supports Contact Centre:

Hours: 7:30 am to 8 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Toll free: 1-877-644-9992

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program
PO Box 1200 STN Main
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 2M4