Attending a Council Meeting


If an individual/group would like to present as a Delegation at the next Council Meeting, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer at least seven days prior to the scheduled Council meeting date to ensure scheduling can be accommodated. 

There are multiple ways to contact Councillors:

  •  Contact them directly via phone or email
  •  As a Delegation: A person or group wishing to make a presentation to Council shall advise the Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O) in writing, not less than seven (7) days prior to Council meeting date. (This allows the Delegation's information to be placed in the Council Agenda package that is distributed to Councillors five days prior to the Council meeting.)

The CAO will provide an scheduled time for a person or group to make a presentation at a Village Council meeting, for a maximum of period of 15 minutes, in accordance with Council Procedural Bylaw 656-20.

Mayor and Council can also be contacted through the website contact form.

Public Attendance

In accordance with Municipal Government Act (MGA) Section 197, Everyone has a right to be present at Council meetings and Council Committee meetings that must be conducted in public unless the person chairing the meeting expels a person for improper conduct. 

All Council and/or Committee meetings are open to the public except when required to be closed by legislation, under the F.O.I.P. Act and the Municipal Government Act. i.e.: Personnel, Legal and Land.

Public may attend the Village of  Innisfree's Regular Council meeting via the following methods:

  • In-Person (COVID-19 Restrictions/Regulations will apply).
  • Teleconference / Virtual 
    Please contact the Village Office for information regarding electronic attendance.

For more information, Please contact the Village Office at 780-592-3886 or via email: /