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2024 Forecasted Drought & Water Conservation Tips

April 24 2024

The prospect of Alberta experiencing large-scale drought and water scarcity in 2024 is looming large as the new year begins.

Environment and Protected Areas Minister Rebecca Schulz sent a letter to all elected municipal leaders in late December 2023 stressing the importance of preparing for severe drought in 2024.

Alberta currently sits at Stage 4 on the provincial government’s five-stage water shortage management scale, signifying that the province is experiencing a large-scale water shortage. So far, the winter has been milder than usual with below average amounts of precipitation.

The provincial government has created a Drought Command Team and drafted a 2024 Drought Emergency Plan. Minister Schulz has asked municipalities for help.

Drought - How can you help?

All Albertans are asked to consider ways to use water wisely. Conserving water is always a good habit and it can help your community, as well as Albertans downstream from you.

If looking for ways to save water, there are small steps that everyone can take. Learn more about water conservation or get ideas for ways to save from the tips here.


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