DRAFT Municipal Development Plan (MDP)


DRAFT Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Posted on Thursday March 21, 2019 at 11:33AM

Dear Stakeholder,

The Village of Innisfree invites you to review and comment on our draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which is enclosed for your convenience. The MDP attached is referred to as the Stakeholder Draft.

Leading up to the preparation of the Stakeholder Draft, Village council completed a strategic framework process where they prepared a vision, mission and set of guiding principles. This information was utilized to prepare the MDP and to define specific development goals and policies. In addition, a community engagement session was held. The session involved roundtable/group discussions related to current and future planning/development needs. With this information, our planning consultant, Amanda Davis prepared the Stakeholder Draft.

To formally approve the MDP, it must be adopted by bylaw. Village council will consider giving first reading to the bylaw at their April meeting. A public hearing will be scheduled prior to second reading. Any member of the public may attend the hearing to provide further comments on the proposed Plan.

The Stakeholder Draft will remain open for comments between March 15, 2019 and April 5, 2019. If you have any question, comments, or concerns please send them directly to Ms. Davis at a205management@outlook.com. Based on stakeholder comments, the Plan may be revised.

Click here to view the DRAFT Municipal Development Plan

Thank you for your interest. 


Author: Village of Innisfree


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